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We are a high-tech integrator company committed to forming a world where all nations and societies prosper.


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ACEIS Electric & Power provides advanced engineering and design for technology-intensive projects that meet business outcomes for all stakeholders — with the intent to help nations prepare for the next technological frontier.

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The Coalition

ACEIS Consortium

The ACEIS consortium is a group of allied companies from various sectors that work with us to create safe, secure, and prosperous societies.

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We design and execute complex, technology-demanding projects from a local to national level across different domains.

ACEIS aerospace solutions in Thailand and Asia-Pacific


Our space technologies provide emerging economies with the tools to thrive in the 21st century. We give nations a head start in aerospace development and expand their air and spaceflight capabilities.

ACEIS Defense solutions in Thailand and Asia-Pacific


We specialize in providing nations with enhanced defense capabilities, including cybersecurity, space imaging, maritime surveillance, weapons modernization, and C6ISR (Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance)

ACEIS Smart City Solutions in Thailand and Asia-Pacific

Smart Cities

We provide comprehensive design and planning for any national smart city project. Our services are part of our quantum-resistant "National Digital Backbone" framework to ensure these cities are productive and safe against harm.



We help governments and enterprises keep up with the fast-changing world of digital banking and fintech. We help them construct new pathways, systems, and supply quantum-resistant security solutions to protect the data and money of their people, while also encouraging new ideas and better access to digital banking and money services.



We are involved in the digital modernization of maritime operations and infrastructure to ensure seamless, secure and cost-effective trade across seas.

ACEIS Drones and UAV solutions in Thailand and Asia-Pacific


We harness technology to help nations grow more with less - less water, less energy, less emissions, and less waste, reshaping their way of producing food through our integrated solutions.


Agile Government

We modernize public sector technology operations to ensure that they stay agile and responsive for its citizens.



We help nations source energy solutions that reduce the negative impact of energy production on the environment while maintaining a productive economy.



We help nations source climate technology that can create new opportunities for innovation, competitiveness, and job creation in various sectors, such as agriculture, industrial production, and energy-intensive activities.



Our expertise in Industry 4.0 enables us to develop national strategies for manufacturing, with strategically located centers to prevent supply chain disruptions and increase investment and operations.

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