Smart Cities

Helping democratic nations build smart cities that are safe and secure.
With a strong focus on social and economic innovation, we are set to deliver the world’s first 5G quantum-resilient platform. Our state-of-the-art “National Digital Backbone” leverages one-of-a-kind digital technology that prepares societies for an ecosystem of smart cities.

Our vision is to secure every smart city from potential threats. We combine social and economic innovation with the world’s first 5G quantum-resilient platform. Our cutting-edge digital infrastructure solutions use unique digital technology that prevents any unauthorized access.

We create comprehensive designs and plans for any Smart City project on a National Digital Backbone, tailored to city and national needs. Our goal is to promote sustainable urbanization in ASEAN through supporting the development of Smart City Networks and initiatives such as civic and social, health and well-being, safety and security, quality environment, built infrastructure, industry and innovation.

Collect data security with the Intelli-Station module.

The Intelli-Station reduces energy consumption while increasing and enhancing city wide lighting.

Incorporating unified sensors, the Intelli-Station links air quality, gunshot sensors and virtually any lot-ready device through our integrated control module. The station is ready to tackle all smart city challenges rangig from environmental to solution specific applications.

  • Substitute existing street lamps with a smart one Smart Mesh Network with zero downtime
  • Complete with 2G, 5G, LTE and loT connectivity
  • Wirelessly – interconnect – limitless devices city-owned loT hardware across fiber or Ethernet connectivity.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Infrastructure: Self-Forming I Modular I Autonomous I Real-Time I Turn-Key
  • Edge Compute: One platform, any outcome
  • Substitute existing street lamps with a smart one
  • Smart Mesh Network with zero downtime 24/7/365AI: G.A.R.I. multiple sensor software with either managed or autonomously managed platform
  • City-wide real-time data collection for immediate managing and operating
  • Collect, Analyze, Synthesize, and Disseminate data for strategic planning and management of future need

Data Centers

We brings world class data center solutions to ASEAN, working with the world’s number one leading global provider of critical data center infrastructure, are working together to deliver integrated data center solutions. Our past experience developing building management controls, security and life safety technology paired with critical power and thermal solutions can help you achieve uptime goals, meet sustainability goals, improve cost efficiency, and secure your data centers.

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