About Us
We are a high-tech integrator company committed to forming a world where all nations and societies prosper.

ACEIS is an international company based in Bangkok, Thailand specializing in large scale modernization projects. We have expanded rapidly across the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Africa, all motivated by our commitment to quality and our cost-effective range of innovative projects. Our strong vision on interoperability and prosperity without relinquishing sovereignty and security has been critical to our success.

Our core business is technology consulting, systems integration, and managed services. We help public and private sector organizations transform their national level strategy into actual capability by applying a variety of disciplines across the entire acquisition lifecycle. ACEIS also offers a wide spectrum of cutting-edge products and solutions across C6ISR, banking, blockchain, and data interoperability.

Our continuous growth enables us to offer advanced technical solutions that enhance the security, compatibility, and prosperity of emerging economies. We ensure they can achieve this without compromising their sovereignty or security.

what we stand for

Philosophy & Values


We stand behind our Advanced, Concentric, Engineered, and Intelligent Solutions. Only the best solutions and partnerships can serve our customers.


We ensure projects can address genuine issues and meet the objectives of all stakeholders. We assess projects for viability and feasibility and build it into any long term strategy.

Legacy Modernization

All nations must prepare for a new technological frontier by building a bridge from the legacy to the new.


Interoperable technologies are essential to tackle large scale challenges, as they allow old and new tech to interact with each other.


Our tech partners understand that collaboration is key in achieving successful large-scale projects. Together, we achieve much more together as a team.


Solutions should help democratic nations build self-sufficient societies that preserve their culture and sovereignty.

The Brains

Meet our team

The executive team behind ACEIS.
Salvador Ahumada
Chairman & CEO
ACM Vorachat Tharechat
Chief of Aviation
Bryan Alexandros
Chief of Strategy
Pansa Chobnitas
Vice President, Government Relations
Durrel Weldon
Global Hawk Expert
Roger Youngblood
Senior Liaison to the Royal Thai Government (RTG)
Doug Wright
Chief Architect
Coke Mead
Director of Communications
Ed Parker
Non-Executive Director

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We believe in unlimited partnerships in unlimited industries.


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