Unmanned Aviation Vehicle in Agriculture 4.0
We can execute drone agriculture strategies for Thailand and any other economy seeking to achieve Agricultural 4.0 objectives at the national level.

ACEIS Electric and Power is the preeminent drone supplier for precision agriculture in Thailand, with partners ranging from government entities to public sector organizations to B2B companies, all focused on achieving in Thailand's 4.0 Goals, including Bio-Circular Green and other circular economy initiatives.

We strive to provide sustainable, dependable services that promote new business models focused on a more eco-friendly future, both in Thailand and for anyone worldwide looking to take action and create a greener future.

Agriculture 4.0 is the term used to describe the digital transformation of the farming sector, which involves the use of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things. One of the key technologies that can enable agriculture 4.0 is drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Drones can benefit Agriculture 4.0 in several ways, such as:

  • Monitoring crop health and growth
  • Precision spraying and seeding
  • Mapping and surveying
  • Overcome infrastructure challenges, such as lack of access to information and markets.
  • Real-time data and insights on their crops and fields, which can help farmers make better decisions and improve their productivity.
  • Connect farmers with buyers and suppliers, and enable traceability and transparency in the supply chain.
  • Climate change and natural disasters, like adapting to the changing weather patterns and cope with the risks of droughts, floods, storms, and fires.
  • Disaster relief and recovery efforts, by delivering aid, medicine, and supplies to remote areas.
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Drone Solutions

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ACEIS Drone Solutions

ACEIS electric and power is the go-to drone supplier for precision agriculture in Thailand. Our partners include government entities, public sector organizations, and B2B companies in pursuit of Thailand's 4.0 Goals, such as Bio-Circular Green and other circular economy projects. Our goal is to offer sustainable and reliable services that foster and facilitate new business models for a greener future, not just for Thailand but for anyone in the world who wants to pursue their Agriculture 4.0 ambitions and create a greener future for their people.
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Drone Operation Site

How ACEIS sets up drone operation sites for agricultural projects.

How drones increase productivity

Our drones are powerful and provide helpful growth analytics to help you understand your usage and output:
The stable rate in spraying and sowing fertilizer, pesticide and seeds in both liquid and solid substance.
Farmers who employed drones to sow rice seeds reported that the fields were completely filled with the rice.
The drone can spray and sow in areas that are challenging for conventional manpower, especially in tall corn and sugarcane farms.
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Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

UTM Platform

Over UTM platform collects the following data points:
Agricultural Landscape
Number of Areas
Flight time
Water Usage
And more...
Our International Units Performance Record

ACEIS Drone Performance

Conditions optimal when:
Operated by a professional and well trained pilot.
The weather is clear with minimal obstacles.
1 fully charged battery pack can fly approx. 10-15 mins. (Battery required 15-25 mins to fully charge)
The spraying and sowing rate is adjustable depending on types of substances.
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Enhancing Agricultural Output

Drone vs Manpower Savings

Cost Savings 30% on average
Increased Productivity by 30% on average
Time saved by 3k% on average
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