Building a robust aerospace sector fit for flight and beyond
Our space technologies equip emerging economies with the resources they need to succeed in the new century. Our solutions give nations an advantage in aerospace development and increase their aerospace capabilities.

Our solutions give nations an advantage in aerospace development capabilities.

We provide advanced space technologies to help emerging economies reach new heights. Our solutions offer an edge in aerospace development and expand a nation's aerospace capabilities.

Our network of aerospace partners across North America, Europe, and Israel offers unparalleled collaboration opportunities with aircraft industries of all nations. ACEIS seeks to establish space centers or parks that meet market demand for custom satellites up to 250 kg with launch services. These space parks of the future will include elements such as:

  • Specialized Launcher Systems
  • Spaceport infrastructure with a Satellite factory and Center of Excellence
  • Small Sats Satellite Program utilizing commercial satellite constellations to support communications, environmental resources safety, economic security, human rights, ethical concerns, and national policy objectives.
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites offer continuous access to populations worldwide, regardless of the weather.
  • SAR Services aid in Earth Environmental/Ecological studies, resource exploitation, law enforcement challenges, and border security concerns.

We can offer Secondary Satellite Launch Capabilities, in compliance with international regulations and standards. We provide independently financed logistics and operations.

To revolutionize the industry, our comprehensive programs seek to focus more on clients and draw more stakeholders to deliver actionable insights to accommodate the growing needs of today's fast-paced aerospace industries. By infusing our methodologies with constant innovation, transparency, and value-added services, we build a promising future in the space industry together.

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