Space Force

Assisting the USSF
Together with the US Space Force (USSF), we extended the space force beyond the United States to incorporate international cooperation and joint ventures around the world.

We understand the immense significance of unrelenting space exploration and how it has become a burgeoning frontier of international competition especially for United States Guardians.

We foster relationships with international space agencies, private organizations, and consortia to broaden the scope of accessible resources, knowledge, and technology. Leverages are made on innovations such as satellite technology, robotics, AI, and Space 4.0 protocols to ensure the safety and sustainability of space travel and exploration activities.

We provide our partners with financing and construction/renovation of airports and spaceports to facilitate global expansion and knowledge/resource transfer that benefits all parties.

By cultivating partnerships that harness each entity's respective strengths, we technologically revolutionize the logistics of space force operations globally, contribute towards realizing a legacy of peaceful space exploration, and catalyze the advent of forward-looking initiatives such as space tourism and asteroid mining.

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