National Cybersecurity

Safeguarding emerging economies from adversaries
We work together with private sector and and public sector agencies to develop a quantum-resistant national cyber defense strategy that safeguards the economy, government, critical infrastructure, and most of all, its citizens.
"A cryptanalytically relevant quantum computer could jeopardize civilian and military communications as well as undermine supervisory and control systems for critical infrastructure. The No. 1 defense against this quantum computing threat is to implement quantum-resistant cryptography on our most important systems"
-GEN Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, USCYBERCOM, Director, NSA/Chief

Quantum-resistant national cybersecurity is a fundamental issue when moving towards a more digital society, hence, hardening digital infrastructure against all types of intrusions becomes more vital.

Our philosophy is that national cybersecurity and cyber-resilience must protect of the nation’s critical information systems and networks from cyber threats, such as espionage, sabotage, terrorism, or cyberwarfare. The next step in a nation’s cyber-resilience plan is implementing quantum-resistant cryptography, which is a type of cryptography that can withstand attacks from quantum computers, which are expected to be much more powerful than classical computers in solving certain mathematical problems.

Our cybersecurity solutions comply with various best practices and standards to secure national systems effectively.

NIST develops standards and guidelines, including quantum-resistant cryptography recommendations. FIPS-140 defines requirements for cryptographic modules, and ISO 27001 offers a comprehensive framework for managing information security, including the implementation of cryptographic controls.

Our partners architect these quantum-resistant cryptographic solutions as many of the current cryptographic algorithms, such as RSA and ECC, rely on the hardness of factoring large numbers or finding discrete logarithms, which are easy for quantum computers to solve.

A quantum computer of sufficient size and sophistication could break much of the public-key cryptography used on digital systems, jeopardizing civilian and military communications as well as undermining supervisory and control systems for critical infrastructure.

To mitigate the risks of quantum computing to national security, we impart the same mindsets adopted by the national U.S. cybersecurity apparatus onto friendly democratic nations who respect the privacy and confidentially of its citizens and enterprises.

Our consortium experts offer full spectrums of services for modernizing military capabilities, from threat intelligence strategizing to surveillance technology. We ensure there is a formidable and resilient pathway cultured for cyber defenses for every nation we serve.

Instead of following outdated technology paths, emerging markets can seize the chance to adopt cutting-edge cyber solutions that are scalable, agile, and secure against future risks.

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