Supporting nations in achieving Industry 4.0
We have the connections and technology needed to support national industry 4.0 plans, which are increasingly seen as a critical element in the successful transition of productive industries.

Strategic manufacturing locations can prevent supply chain disruptions. We specialize in producing critical components that must function correctly in the device they are destined for. Our Asia-Pacific facilities are ready to provide you land and facilities for special fabrication, maintenance, inspection and operation services to support regional or global sales.

Every nation has an Industry 4.0 plan and they are concerned with how they can transform how businesses produce, enhance, and distribute their goods. Manufacturers are incorporating the latest tech, such as IoT, cloud computing and analytics, AI and machine learning into their production sites and entire operations.

The emphasis of Industry 4.0 in manufacturing has been mainly on the technology that links machines and systems, utilizing digital solutions to maximize production and related activities, particularly in high-mix and low-volume scenarios.

We are active especially in Thailand. For example, we have counseled the Royal Thai Government on how they may pursue their Thailand 4.0 ambition, a national plan to transform the Thai economy through technology and innovation using the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) as its core hub.

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